Our Culture

Analytical Excellence

We are driven by intellectual challenges, curiosity and returns. We are continuously seeking new and better approaches to measure, analyze and interpret data to improve investment results. We believe that excellence in research, development and testing results in superior investment returns.

Quantitatively Driven

We employ machine learning, unique datasets and proprietary algorithms. We use science, and rigorous technique to ensure the validity of our insights and positively impact returns.

Respectful Collaborative Teams

We believe that excellent research requires a quiet, thoughtful work environment combined with collaborative, engaging, on-going discussions with colleagues. Our collegial model means we talk to each other and share ideas. Our team of highly analytical and data-driven thinkers means we get to consider substantive ideas.

Building Unique Mentored Talent

For superior professional development there is no substitute for mentoring from people who have a history of success. We believe that achieving excellence requires a talented team and dedicated mentorship from senior members.