We're looking for the brightest minds in the world to tackle some of the biggest questions in finance.

what we do
Analytical excellence in research and development.

We share a curiosity to separate signal from noise in global financial markets. Our quantitative trading strategies are grounded in science and driven by technology. Analytical excellence in research and development is our priority. We look to the future when identifying profitable investment strategies, never relying on past performance.

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numerixs quant
An academic culture solving real work challenges.

We are an interdisciplinary team of world-class scientists, mathematicians, physicists, data scientists and analytical experts. NumerixS Quant scours the globe for brilliant problem solvers and empowers them to do their best work in a positive and open environment. This is a place where extraordinary minds from all walks of like come together and collaborate.

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our process
Our Process

End-to-end research with team members leading their projects from conception through development to implementation.

our process
Our Philosophy

Excellence in research and discovery improves financial returns.

our process
Our Goals

Develop talent in a collegial work place while solving challenging problems with the practical application of research and discovery.

In our community
The power of positive impact.

NumerixS Quant strives to be a leader in our community. We support organizations that demonstrate results, benefit the community, and educate the next generation of leaders. Our mission is to impact the world by making finance and technology more inclusive.

Community Impact
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Do you want to be part of a leading quantitative research and technology company? We are seeking highly-talented people who are adept in quantitative strategies or data analytics. NumerixS Quant promotes an intellectually free yet demanding environment where you can make your research a reality alongside some of the brightest minds and colleagues.

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