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We operate in an intellectually creative yet challenging environment. At NumerixS Quant, you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in your end-to-end research and development strategies. We believe that excellent research requires a quiet, thoughtful work environment combined with collaborative, engaging, on-going discussions with colleagues.

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Join the NumerixS Quant team.

Joining our team means you’ll be working with a complex, self-motivated, intelligent group of individuals. No matter where you’re from, we welcome exceptional applicants of all types to join our team.

vancouver, bc canada
Quantitative Analyst (PhD Required)

We are a data-driven company with a collegial atmosphere looking for team members who can do great work for application in the algorithmic trading industry.

Our ideal candidate is a recent (or soon-to-be) PhD graduate with experience in an academic or post-doc research workplace looking to apply their capabilities to the real world. Our approach is to train successful candidates about our industry, markets and products, as such we are looking for people seeking their initial foray in the financial markets.

About you

You are motivated by intellectual challenges, curiosity, and solving problems. You are performance and results driven. You continuously seek to understand new and better approaches to analyze and interpret ‘dirty’ data to improve investment results. You enjoy coding. You love to see your work put into practice. For individuals currently living outside of Vancouver, we offer relocation assistance.

What You'll Do
  • Drive projects to completion that will contribute to an existing trading strategy
  • Write code to automate every aspect of the trading system
  • Code in Python and use relational time-series databases (kdb+)
  • Analyze ‘dirty’ data sets to identify possible investment signals
  • Develop predictive quantities to improve existing trading strategy
  • Take charge of your own projects, while collaborating with your colleagues and with the portfolio manager
What You Bring
  • Mandatory: Ph.D. in mathematics, physics or related fields in quantitative disciplines with a Masters in the hard sciences (including if you will be graduating with a Ph.D. within the next 12 months)
  • Highly analytical, keen attention to detail
  • Innate curiosity and an exceptional critical thinker who is results-oriented
  • Ability to implement your ideas in code
  • Programming experience in Python
  • Demonstrated expertise in statistics and mathematical modeling
  • Strong communications skills (both verbal and written)
  • Thrive in a performance-based environment
  • Require excellence of yourself and in the work you produce
Nice to Have
  • Experience participating in national or international math, physics or computer science competitions is strongly preferred
  • Strong experience with C++, R and kdb+ and working in a Unix environment
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada (however for exceptional candidates we can provide immigration assistance)
How to Apply

Apply online today to see if you're our newest Quantitative Researcher!

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the interview process
Dedicated to finding our ideal candidates.

Interviewing is a crucial part of our hiring process. As we get to know you better, you will have the chance to get to know us better, too. Our interview process is designed to play to the strengths of our ideal candidate. We will ask you technical questions that require complex thought and ask you to talk us through your process as you problem solve.

We want you to be prepared and confident in each stage of the interview process so you are able to show us your very best work. In anticipation of our recruitment process, we’ve outlined how to prepare and what to expect.

step 1
Online Technical Assessment

After we review your application you will be asked to complete a short online test designed to assess your knowledge of relevant subjects such as probability, data analysis, algorithms, and logic questions.

The assessment is 10 multiple choice questions of varying difficulty and you will be given 40 minutes to complete it. Below are 3 examples of the types of problem questions in the test.

  1. A deck of 52 playing cards contains four suits of 13 cards each. If you randomly draw two cards, what is the probability that both cards are the same suit?
  2. The sum of four different positive integers is 200. The largest of these four integers is N. What is the smallest possible value of N?
  3. How many 6-digit binary numbers are there (including those with leading zeros) where 0’s do not appear consecutively?
interview tips
Quiet Space
You will want to be in a quiet place where you can work uninterrupted for 40 minutes.
Have paper and pens or anything else you might need to work out your answers.
Good Internet Connection
Have a reliable internet connection while taking the online assessment.
Search Engines Are Not Helpful
The questions and answers have been constructed so that the answers are not easily ‘searchable.’

step 2
2-Part Technical Problem Solving Interview

Once you’ve passed the online assessment, you will be invited to schedule an interview with a few of our team members. The majority of these interviews will be conducted over Skype (or phone if there are issues with the internet connection) and will last approximately 2 hours. There will be two 50-minute interviews, with a 10-minute break in between.

This is a technical interview rather than a personal one. Your interviewer will first ask you a few basic questions regarding your academic and professional experience and projects based on your resume. After that, you will be asked a series of questions designed to further test your knowledge and abilities in probability, logic, algorithms, and other relevant subjects.

Please remember that our interviewer wants you to succeed and that talking with them and explaining your understanding of the problem as you go will give you the best possible chance of success.

interview tips
These problems are similar in form to the questions from the online assessment but significantly more difficult. We want to be sure you have adequate time so we recommend that you give yourself at least 4 days to review the subjects at hand.
Show Your Work
As you work through the questions, we would like you to "show your work" by talking through your thought process step by step with your interviewer. As you talk through your thought process, we will be able to give you feedback on whether you're headed in the right direction.

step 3
Group Interview

You will be asked to interview with 2-3 other members of the team. This interview is a typical personnel interview and you will not be asked to solve the type of technical problems you worked on in the first two rounds. This is a chance for members of our team to get to know you better and to ask you about your professional and academic experiences and qualifications along with some general knowledge concepts. This is also an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you might have about the company.

interview tips
Be Curious
We encourage you to be curious and ask questions during the interview process.

step 4
In-Person Interview to meet the Team

The final stage of interviews is in-person at our Vancouver office. You will spend half a day with our quant team members. During this time you will have either a relevant paper to review in advance of the in-person interview and then while in the office provide a 5-10 minute summary to the quant team of the paper, or similar process with sample data instead of a paper. These interactions will allow you to get a sense of our working culture. If you are currently not living in Vancouver, we will cover travel and accommodation costs for you to come here.

interview tips
Be Yourself
This is a chance for you and our team to get to know one another and get a sense of whether we are a good fit for you.
When you arrive at our office, you will be welcomed by our receptionist and they will notify the team you have arrived.
Dress Comfortably
Our team members wear Vancouver business casual attire and we recommend you do too.

step 5
Interview with the Portfolio Manager - Practical Problem Solving

This stage of interviews is conducted by our portfolio manager. This interview will focus on problem-solving involving math and statistical analysis combined with practical application to real-world problems.

interview tips
Be Confident
You have passed 4 rounds of interviews already so feel confident moving forward.

step 6
Offer Made.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You have impressed us through a strenuous interview process and we consider you among the best of the best. We look forward to welcoming you to NumerixSQuant.