What we do

grounded in science and driven by technology
We build strategies.

We build quantitative trading strategies grounded in science and driven by technology. Our focus is analytical excellence in research and development. We collaborate and share ideas, identify and address risks, build tools, and explore new opportunities. We believe a strong culture of rigorous analysis and scientific research is the bedrock when identifying profitable investment strategies.

our process
our process
our process
our process
how it's done
A diversified approach.


Making new connections

Our research approach emphasizes discovery and encourages the rapid formulation and testing of investment ideas. It allows us to make new connections and discoveries that contribute to the overall investment strategy.


Discipline driven by technology

We are Science based and driven by technology. Our approach to building systematic investment strategies draws on machine learning, economic, financial, statistical, and high-speed data processing technologies to identify variables and risk factors.


Concept to execution

Each team member has end-to-end research and development projects. Each team member ‘owns’ their projects through conception, initial research, development, refinement, coding and testing.


Collegial, nimble and elite

We are a small select group. With collaborative expert driven feedback throughout the development process and real-time ad-hoc feedback from outstanding peers we produce outstanding results. Greater personal satisfaction, superior training and professional development create the performance outcomes we need.

Forward Looking

Real world performance matters

We focus on understanding how the systematic application of specific investment strategies perform in the real world, not a back test of the past.