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future science leaders
Fostering brilliant minds of the future

In 2019, FSL enrolled a record of 85 students of 120 applicants. Those students went on to win prestigious awards such as the Schulich Leaders Scholarship, Dr. Wosk Environmental Leadership Award and the Ted Rogers Innovation Award.

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The power of collaboration is probably the most important thing I learned in Future Science Leaders. Before that, I thought of scientists as sitting at home alone, writing equations by themselves. But it's about working with other people to achieve great things.

kai leong

Future Science Leader alumnus 2019, Gold Medal winner at both Canada-Wide Science Fair and China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest in Macau, 1st year Bachelor of Science student, UBC

The next generation
The future of Science.

Future Science Leaders are looking for the most insatiably curious, open minded, collaborative and creative risk-takers and problem solvers. A recruiting philosophy we share here at NumerixS Quant.

bursary program
Inclusivity in science & technology.

We have also teamed up with Science World and their bursary program. The key to the bursary program is access for everyone. Inclusivity in science and technology is something we strive for at NumerixS Quant.

The bursary program prioritizes groups such as the LGBTQ community, people living with physical or developmental disabilities and children who attend underserved schools.

field trip
Field Trip Bursary

Provided hosting for

28,900 students
community access
community access

gave free admission to

19,000 people from underserved communities
science club
super science club

provided a membership to

3,000 underserved students and their families
our process
sensory friendly mornings

provided a quieter Science World for

423 guests and families living with autism
Bringing people together
Dedicated to our community.

NumerixS Quant is dedicated to serving the community by bringing people together with a common goal of education and success. The future of our company just might be found through one of these bursary programs one day.